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Big announcement and message from our CEO

Curren changes owner and name. 

This is a very big day for us.

This change in ownership has been in motion for a long time now, but this is the first time we make it official. Currenstore.com will cease to exist  from September 2018, and change name to Cedars after being bought up. 

Therefore we are now selling all our last stocks with 90% off everything.


And if you are one of our long time customers, don't worry, the exclusive design and high quality will still remain, the only thing that changes is the name and the logo in the display.

We will announce when and where you can buy the new Cedar watches, but for now - hurry up and get one of our last curren watches in stock! Maximum of 10 watches per household.

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I also want to thank all our faithful customers throughout the years, we would be nothing without your support!

All the best.

Jean-Luc Villeneuve